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A client relationship is made up of conversations
Do you offer complex, high-value services? Create solutions in response to client needs? Take responsibility for ongoing business development?

How you speak with your clients has a huge influence on the value they place on your services. This determines the level of repeat business you achieve, the referrals you get and the fees you can charge.

Conversations with clients are going to happen anyway, so improving the way you think them through, plan them and carry them out is the most cost-effective way to boost your business and professional results.

Using the 12boxes method will enable you to…

  • build trusted relationships more quickly
  • stand out from the competition and impress clients with your professionalism without giving away your expertise
  • raise your client’s awareness of the value you bring so that you will be properly rewarded

If you have any questions, by all means email us or call 020 7100 1528.

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Nick Shannon

“12boxes is a superb framework for thinking through, planning and executing the process of client engagement”

Nick Shannon
Business Psychologist
Management Psychology

Joanne Jacobs

“I find 12boxes of great help in learning from my professional experience.

“As well as being an elegant tool for client engagement and for understanding relationship building, it is also a wonderful lens for observing and learning from the way others interact with clients.

“I highly recommend 12boxes.”

Joanne Jacobs
C.O.O Australia
1000 Heads

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