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Lessons from Branson for entrepreneurs

2009 December 16
by Malcolm Sleath

At the moment I’m working on a start up business with a client. We’ve been thinking about branding, and talking to branding specialists. So I Googled “Branson on brand” to see what came up.

I’m not a fan of Branson in the sense that I worship everything he does, but here are a couple of personal experiences:

  • My partner, who often travels to Japan, won’t fly with anyone but Virgin Atlantic.
  • This blog is coming to you via an NTL cable link (part of Virgin Media). Things go wrong, but when they do, their excellent customer service makes what you get from BT look like the virtual reality version of a Kafka novel.

This must say something. So I thought I would share.

No claims for originality or topicality on my part, just some solid stuff, written by others, that seemed very timely for me, and might be for you if you are in an entrepreneurial ‘what am I doing in the first quarter of next year‘ mindset.

The core of this article is interesting. It seems to be about personal commitment to brand plus a Weinstock model of management.

In terms of guidelines, this mini series, is even better: Five lessons from Richard Branson.

  1. How to identify an opportunity.
  2. Don’t Do It For The Money.
  3. Focus On The Business.
  4. Build A Solid Team.
  5. Create A Brand.
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The health warning is that Branson is a proven master of managing his own brand, so what you are led to believe by writers in the public prints might not always reflect what actually happens. Nevertheless, these points have ‘face validity’ and I hope you find them useful and inspirational in a practical way.