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“Brilliant event and hugely inspiring”

2011 March 4
by Malcolm Sleath

12boxes in 2 hours 1 March 2011

High-powered participants attend launch event

The first public viewing of “12boxes in 2 hours”, took place on Tuesday evening March 1st at Club Quarters, the London home of LikeMinds.

The launch session was attended by marketing professionals, account managers, and senior managers across several disciplines engaged in business transformation. Previous participants included partners in national and international law firms and well known figures in social media.

Venue for 12boxes in 2 hours

The event introduces professionals to the 12boxes value conversation and the ideas that make it work. The programme and the follow-on ‘learning set’ had been previewed and tested in Q4 of 2010, and valuable feedback from participants was incorporated into the public programme.

Malcolm Sleath, the developer of the value conversation, and Founding Director of 12boxes Ltd, said, “The aim of the session is to show people that delivering quality work and service is necessary, but not sufficient, to achieve the high levels of client satisfaction required to build a profitable business based on expertise.

“Service providers have a choice. They can do their best and hope they get the outcome they desire, or they can engage the client in a conversation at the outset that focuses everyone’s mind on the value being delivered.

“Long-term client engagement is driven by the client’s perception of value. If that is established at the beginning, the outcome is much more likely to be repeat business, referrals and rewards.”

Comments gleaned from the feedback sheets at the end of the session included, “Brilliant event and hugely inspiring”; “Insightful, instructive, informative”; “I expect to utilise this tool in many conversations at different levels”; “Interesting, informative and thought provoking”.

Details of the next 12boxes in 2 hours event

Register for 12boxes in 2 hours: 3rd May 2011 in London, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite