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Value Conversation Beta Group


6:00 pm for 6:30

5th October 2010 to
23rd November 2010

Central London
Charing Cross – Trafalgar Square

Beta group series price
£150 + VAT

During 2010 I have been working with colleagues to improve the way we teach the 12boxes value conversation, an interactive approach to building a more profitable practice.

By the beginning of December 2010, we aim to have a group of satisfied professionals and consultants who can be a source of information for future clients, as well as feedback which will enable us to further refine this new approach to learning 12boxes.

To join this group you need to have attended a Value Conversation Introductory Workshop or a one-to-one session to bring you up to speed.

Who is it for?

Professionals such as accountants, lawyers and so on, consultants and experts. People who do not want to be salespeople, but who need to develop business for themselves and their firm in a way that is consistent with being a trusted advisor.

What is it about?

The group will enable participants to:

  • practice the application of the 12boxes value conversation while being coached in a small group setting
  • review current client situations, resolve problems and maximise opportunities

What will I get out of it?

The aim is that by the end of the series:

  • You will be more confident and skilled in guiding clients to adopt the right solutions
  • Client situations that previously seemed complicated and caused anxiety will seem simpler and more straightforward to deal with
  • You will find that value conversations arise naturally in the course of your work with clients and you will be well on your way to achieving the high levels of client satisfaction that lead to repeat business, referrals and realistic fees

Workshop Overview and Format

This is a series of eight highly-participative weekly workshops (we recommend that participants attend at least six) with a maximum of eight people. In a climate of total confidentiality, participants will be able to work through real client issues, find approaches that work for them and develop skills.

At the outset of the series, the participants will agree a code of values and conduct that will ensure positive outcomes for everyone involved. At the beginning of each session the coach and facilitator will invite participants to nominate issues and situations they would like to work on during the course of the evening. An agenda and a logical sequence will be drawn up to maximise the learning opportunities.

Each issue will be allocated a time-slot for analysis, discussion and rehearsing action. Participants will learn by working through their own topics with the group and contributing to the learning of others. At the end of each session there will be a brief review of learning and action points to be carried through.


  1. Tuesday October 5th
  2. Tuesday October 12th
  3. Tuesday October 19th
  4. Tuesday October 26th
  5. Tuesday November 2nd
  6. Tuesday November 9th
  7. Tuesday November 16th
  8. Tuesday November 23rd

Fees and business arrangements

There will be a fee for this beta group of £150 plus VAT, payable in advance, to cover administrative expenses, but this includes the complete series containing twenty hours of professional development plus support.

Given that they prove to be genuinely satisfied with the outcome, in exchange for this special opportunity, participants should be prepared to offer a publishable testimonial and/or have potential clients referred to them.

Enquiries and Booking

Simply email or telephone 020 7100 1528.